Site Policy

Site Policy


The contents of the web-site of SINKO INDUSTRIES LTD. (hereafter called "SITE") is presented by SINKO INDUSTRIES LTD. (hereafter called "SINKO") under the condition that SITE will be used with the following terms of use (hereafter called "TERMS of USE"). Please read following TERMS of USE carefully before using SITE, and note that your access to SITE will be considered as your assent to the TERMS of USE. When you do not agree to the TERMS of USE, please do not use SITE.

Escape clause

SITE is provided "as it is" with our full carefulness. SINKO shall not be responsible for the reliance and the safety of SITE, and not be responsible for any damage and loss that may arise from the use of SITE. SINKO may change, revise and delete the contents of SITE, or stop SITE at any time for any reason without prior notification to anyone. SINKO shall not be responsible for damage, loss and any other kinds of trouble that may arise from the change, deletion and stop of SITE.

Privacy policy

Collection of user's information

When a user conducts registration for mail service, request for catalogue, application for recruitment or sending inquiry, in some case SITE will collect information with which a person can be identified. Such information are contact details, for example, name, address, company name, school name, title, e-mail address, phone number, fax number, and career of the person who applied for recruitment.

Use extent of collected information and materials

SINKO saves, uses, and analyzes personally identifiable information and data collected from users to the extent necessary to achieve publicly acknowledged purposes of use. For more information about the purposes for which we use personal information, please see the Group’s Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of collected information to the third party

SINKO will not disclose the collected information that may allow him to distinguish a person, excluding the following two (2) cases.
*In case disclosure is requested by legal authority.
*When disclosed to vendors responsible for transferring information and data provided by SINKO to the users in question to the extent necessary to facilitate such transfers
(We take such steps as are necessary and appropriate to prevent the accidental disclosure of information and data we have collected to third parties.)


SINKO uses an encryption technology known as secure socket layer (SSL) on pages that include forms so that users can enter personal information with peace of mind. SSL encrypts the data you enter before sending it over the network to the destination computer. This functionality relies on support by the browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver. 2.1 or later), so please check your browser to ensure it is compatible.


SINKO utilizes various types of security as necessary and appropriate to prevent the loss, unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction of personally identifiable information and data provided by users. Please note, however, that no security regimen provides an absolute guarantee that this information will be protected.

Access log

SINKO is recording and reserving access log including IP address of users. Use of IP address does not indicate a person. Sinko is using access log being recorded at SITE, only for statistical analysis to find trend and numbers of access, and to diagnose server in case of failure. Statistical analysis will be used to find trend of access of users and for referential information for future SITE operation.

Change of Privacy Policy

SINKO has the right to change privacy policy without any notice. SINKO will consider user has accepted new policy at the time when SITE is accessed.

Link to the third party's web site

In some case, SINKO will link SITE to the third party's web site as service for user. SINKO is unable to be responsible for the third party's web site.. SINKO is unable to extend our control to the third party's web site, and could not take any responsibility. User shall follow contents, privacy policy, collecting method of information in the third party's web site.

Trade mark

"SINKO", logo, product name, etc., on SINKO web site is "trademark" registered and owned by SINKO and SINKO related company. User shall contact us by writing prior to use of SINKO logo mark.

Other copyright

All of copyright (or intellectual right) of the documents, charts, image, photos provided on SITE is owned by SINKO unless otherwise stated. It is prohibited to use, copy, revise, uploading, bulletin, send, sell and print all or a part of information, documents, charts, image, photos, used on SITE, exceeding extent of private use and exceeding extent allowed by relative laws, without authorization by us by writing in advance. However, when a content clearly states conditions for use, it is allowed to use documents, charts, image, photo, adding credit (*) to each of content selected. Example of adding credit: "presented by Sinko" or "c SINKO"

Submission of product ideas

SINKO is unable to accept proposals concerning ideas or concepts relating to new products, technologies, or designs. Thank you for your understanding. Please note that in the event you submit such a proposal, we are not responsible for maintaining its confidentiality or considering its viability.

Recommended use environment


It is checked and confirmed that the site can be used under the following environment or the latter version. When the environment for use is the former than the under-mentioned, a part of the site cannot be seen.

[ Personal computer ]
・Internet Explorer 11
・Microsoft Edge, FireFox ,Google Chrome browser latest

[ Smartphone / Tablet ]
・ iOS10 above
・Android5.0 above

Governing law

Unless otherwise noted, use of this website and the interpretation and application of associated terms of use are governed by the laws of Japan.