SINKO air conditioning systems offer wide selective options to match diversified building purposes.
The applications of air conditioning systems differ according to the purpose and function of the building. Although air conditioning for the total building is of course important, the recent trend is going toward more "private" air-conditioning systems that can be adjusted to the needs of individuals inside the same building. Also, in large spaces such as theaters and large halls, there are more rigorous demands for balanced and equalized air conditioning comfort for audiences. In hospitals, concerns about contagion within the building requires that air not be circulated in the building, but controlled room by room without leaking germ-laden contaminated air into adjacent spaces. This is made available by SINKO's experienced clean room technology, computerized control of temperature, humidity and air quality. By applying diverse SINKO products, we can respond to any need and space conditions. SINKO is known for its high level technology and flexible response to given requirements. Foresight leads us ahead to the functions and possibilities that people are searching for.