Research & Development

Introduction of Technologies

Thermal fluid analysis simulation

SINKO utilizes the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation technology to calculate and visualize airflows and heat transfer phenomena for obtaining data useful for product development from the conceptual stage.

Structural analysis simulation

SINKO conducts stress deformation analysis, strength evaluation and the like based on the finite element method (FEM) for the analysis of the amount of stress applied to various parts during fan runner operation as well as the amount of displacement resulting from it.

Vibration analysis simulation

Vibration analysis simulation enables the acquisition of data such as the resonant rotation speed and deformation mode resulting from the motions of rotating bodies such as motors and vibration values of resonating structural parts.

Automatic design system using 3D CAD

Our automatic design system automatically computes and determines equipment specifications and external dimensions according to the customer’s request and requirements, and then outputs drawings and processing data necessary for production.


The showroom reopened after renewal in September 2021. It provides information on SINKO’s products and technologies.

Introduction of Equipment/Facilities

Blower performance test equipment (AMCA standard)

SINKO conducts accurate airflow tests based on the AMCA standard (Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.), which is an internationally recognized airflow measurement standard.

Acoustic measurement and testing building

This building has anechoic rooms for measuring noise and the sound pressure level of sound directly transmitted from sound source and reverb chambers for measuring sound power levels.

Rooms with variable temperature and humidity control systems

The two adjacent rooms with variable temperature and humidity control systems are used for measuring heat values of equipment and performance of thermal insulation. Each room can be set with desired temperature and humidity levels.

Air conditioner experiment area

In this area, six types of heat media with different temperature zones can be obtained simultaneously for conducting various performance tests pertaining to air conditioner’s heat value, vibration, airflow, etc.

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