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The Future of Air Conditioning

Friendly to People, Friendly to the Environment

SINKO, an industry leader in air-conditioning technology, develops air conditioning systems that are friendly to the environment

Since our company’s founding in 1950, SINKO has become one of the industry’s top manufacturers of air conditioning systems. With a history spanning over half a century, SINKO has grown in step with the Japanese economy, gaining experience and adding to its achievements.
There is a strong focus on living in harmony with the global environment today, and we at SINKO believe that air conditioning, in addition to creating comfortable environments for people, should be Earth-friendly.
That is why we were one of the first to develop technology and air conditioning systems that save energy.
It’s also why we design our products to be environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle, from production to disposal.
Living in harmony with the environment is a global issue.
We want to share our technology, achievements, expertise, and everything else we have to offer with the world.
That desire motivates us to create a future in which air conditioning is both people friendly and environmentally friendly.

You’ll find SINKO air-conditioning systems serving all around you.

Air conditioning plays an essential role in a variety of buildings and facilities, including skyscrapers, hospitals, schools, food plants, and the clean rooms that support high-tech industry. SINKO products are used to maintain an optimal environment for both people and products, including not only heating and cooling, but also managing humidity and keeping air clean.
Although you probably don’t notice them on a regular basis, SINKO products are serving all around you.
Creating and maintaining optimal environments by facilitating harmony through air is both our field of business and our mission.