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Air conditioning equipment is indispensable for office buildings, factories,
amusement facilities, hotels, hospitals and public buildings. Today's air conditioning
systems should satisfy the diversified needs of individual tenants sharing the same
building space but with a mix of different activities and operations. Typical examples are

increasing numbers of multi-tenanted highrise buildings and underground shopping


The air conditioning system must provide ventilation,
temperature, humidity and air cleanness at different
working hours to meet each set of requirements. In
responding to this new set of needs in industry and
society, SINKO continues to develop technology that is
constantly flexible and can be applied to a wide variety of

Fan Coil Units

Air Handling Unit for OA Treatment

Air Pollution Control Devices

SINKO applies all types of computerized control technology in its
air conditioning equipment that allows centralized control of
air conditioning in entire buildings. In addition to eliminating the waste
of energy, these control systems improve total comfort and make a
major contribution to energy savings.